Assured Pool & Spa Service

We are extremely satisfied with the level of service provided.  It was an absolute "Godsend" that we found this company and would recommend them for all your pool service needs.

Assured Pool & Spa Service has been absolutely wonderful at making sure that we have a stress-free experience with our pool. We highly recommend their services as they will treat you like family.

Our pool filter was leaking and my husband had tried everything to fix it. I called Assured Pools and spoke to Sharon who turned out to be the owner. She was delightful and very helpful. Even though they were booked solid that week, she squeezed us in to access what we were dealing with. Her sons, who are a part of the family business, were so polite and helpful. They informed us the filter housing was warped and it would not be cost effective to fix due to age. We were already having trouble getting filters for it due to its age. We were offered a really great price on another much newer model that they had. We knew it was a great deal as we had already been pricing them out. Our pool filter was original to the home so it was time anyway. They came back on Monday morning and everything was complete within an hour. They even rerouted some PVC pipes that were installed at an awkward angle originally. We are very pleased with this company from the outstanding customer service, to the wonderful job they performed! Honest and reliable 5 stars!

I don't normally write reviews, but Assured Pool and Spa deserves one. I have been using them for the last 8 years and we couldn't be happier. Randy, the owner, is the most honest genuine person I know and you can completely trust what he says and does pertaining to the care and upkeep of your pool. My pool always looks in amazing condition and any issues are promptly addressed. I will use them for as long as I have a pool and will ALWAYS recommend them highly!

Incredible service and communication. Their prices a very competitive. We decided to fire our pool guys of 4 years and hire them

154 Rocky Star St Henderson NV 89012 

Office: 702-458-0811


The people at Assured Pool & Spa is a family operated and owned company. I am a senior and I told them about my limited money situation. They were very professional and not only did the work for me but also gave me a price that was very affordable. The work was done in a timely matter and very much to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs work done to a Pool, Spa or Waterfall. They also gave me a three year warranty on the pump and one year on the work that was done.

Having used a pool company for over 20 years, I have had four companies and Assured Pools are absolutely the BEST. Here are the reasons why compared to the others: 1. Personal Service - You feel like part of the family. 2. Quality Service - They are not a one person company but a family of many that are there to help you. 3. Availability - They are available when you need them. We needed to have our pool cleaned for pictures and for marketing reasons and they set it up and came out for free. 4. Repairs - My switch for the water features of my pool was on a remote X10 system.We did not know how to work it with the X10 system not working. They came out to explain it, and then to repair it and put a proper switch in to fix it. 5. Solutions - When you have an issue, they provide a solution. Ever get that pool person that gives you excuses and reasons instead of a solution? Here they give you a solution. They are the greatest pool company I have worked with in 20+ years. I will always recommend them and use them!
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