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Assured Pool & Spa Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the water in my swimming pool really need to be changed?
A:  How often depends on many factors such as the number of daily users, climate , kind of water used        etc. Old water can cause chemicals to lose their effectiveness. So, the answer is Yes, based on issues      we can recommend how often.    

Q:  If I am having a special event will you come clean the pool prior to the event?
A: YES! All we ask is that you give us enough notice so we can schedule appropriately.

Q: Why should I use a pool service?
A: Convenience and Experience - Most homeowners just do not have the time it takes to manage a pool.     We are experts in the field so let us do all the work.  Yes, it may cost a bit more for service but  just           think all you have to do swim!

Q:  My pool was just cleaned why does it have leaves in it?
A:  Now it is important to note that we can only be responsible for the cleanliness of the pool once we are      done and immediately after we have left. All it takes is the wind to start blowing a bunch of debris into      the pool. 

Q: Why is there algae in my pool?

A: There are many different opinions on algae, but every pool owner will need to deal with algae at some     point. Algae spores can enter a pool in a variety of different ways but is most commonly introduced         into a pool through wind, rain, dirt, (phosphates) and even on a swimmer’s  body or bathing suit.       Keeping algae spores out of your pool is impossible however here are a few things you should know. 

    - Chlorine needs to be kept at optimal levels

    - Keep the water moving 

    - Use the pool

    - Keep the filters clean    

Q: Why do pool service prices vary?

A:  When you hire a pool service you assume they know what they are doing….But a lot of guys think “Hey, I’ll be in the pool service.” They get a truck and off they go. It is a very transient business that requires NO experience. Basically these companies really do not have the skills or the knowledge needed to run a pool service and are using your pool as practice. Naturally, these companies sell potential customers on pricing (and they can because they don’t pay for licensing, schooling, insurance etc) the customer does not have a clue that they have hired an un-licensed and inexperienced company.  Not until something happens and then it is too late.  Pricing is determined by size, usage, depth, foliage, equipment and additional items such as fountains, slides, waterfalls and so on.  DON'T hire a pool company over the phone! You can ask what starting prices are but before you lock into an agreement they should want to come and see the pool and more importantly meet with you. 

We are not saying we are "perfect", "the best", #1 or that "we work harder than others" because there are a lot of great companies out here! We believe we are one of those GREAT companies that are  dependable and honest. A solid company with 33+ years of experience and have invested time and money in our employees to make sure they are trained, licensed and schooled appropriately. We belong to a professional association that promotes ethical business practices.  This way we know we are giving quality service to our customers.